nemokami darbo skelbimai, viskas ka reikia zinoti ieskant darbo

nemokami darbo skelbimai, viskas ka reikia zinoti ieskant darbo

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How to stand out of the crowd in the job market?

As the unemployment rate in many countries all around the world at the moment is strikingly high, job seeking for many people might become a troublesome experience. Since the breakthrough of the crisis and until now it is a very serious socioeconomic issue that many countries are facing. It's very serious as it transmits to the whole economy through various direct and indirect channels and makes significant impact on macroeconomic indicators starting from personal income up to investment level or GDP in the whole country. In such situation usually it takes more than just a good luck for a person to find a job in nowadays overcrowded and increasingly challenging job market. Therefore various methods which mainly focus on creating "personality as a brand" or techniques "how to stand out of the crowd" are becoming more and more popular. There are a number of books and articles written on this topic, but basically all of them tell the same story - look at job seeking process creatively and take it as a challenging game.
Of course you should start with creating professionally looking, but still an eye catching resume and motivation letter. Afterwards, your goal is to be noticed and invited to an interview. You can find quite a number of examples how someone got a job using quite simple, but effective methods and as in nowadays modern world where internet plays a key role, most of them are related to google, youtube, facebook, twitter and etc. You should use all the tools available: you can make a short introduction and upload it on youtube, usually employers google for information about candidates, so you can use let's say google adwords to place your resume on the top of the search results so they could easily find information about you that YOU yourself provide. Currently various social networks as LinkedIn became very popular. This interactive network is mainly focused on listing your education, professional experience, carrier, personal features and etc. Employers can search for new employees based on various predetermined desirable features and go "headhunting".
So as you can probably see everything depends on your creativity and skills. Moreover such creative introduction methods will give you a very great advantage in the eyes of you potential employer. So take a step forward, think outside of the box, try to imagine what would you expect if you were in the shoes of employer and do it!

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2.4.12 16:07


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